About Salt Support

About Salt Support

Salt Support is six products with simple goals.

1. Make your pool water feel better.
2. Make your equipment last longer.
3. Make products that are easy to use.

1. Making your pool water feel better – START uses patented technology to make water feel silky smooth, eliminating harsh irritation to skin and eyes. Once you START, you’ll never want to swim in a regular pool again.

2. Making your equipment last longer-
The Salt Support 3-Step Program effectively reduces chlorine demand from your generator, improves filter efficiency, and keeps water balanced to protect against equipment wear.

3. Making it easy to use-
Six products, that’s it. No extra fluff. No pH adjuster, CYA or algaecide ‘specially formulated for salt pools’.

START: Makes water feel better..for the whole pool season..with one application.
WEEKLY BOOST: Oxidize waste without chlorine…that’s what your generator is for.
WEEKLY CLEAN: Encapsulates particles that can cause cloudy water.
METAL MIRACLE: Prevent staining caused by metals- a condition salt pools are especially prone to produce.
STAIN & SCALE: Removes an prevents staining and scaling due to metals. Phosphate-free.
CELL CLEANER: No one likes a dirty salt cell. Improves efficiency and extends cell life.
KICK START: Brings back that ‘fresh’ feeling your pool may lack towards the end of the season to heavy user loads.

Salt Support is manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI by Haviland Pool & Spa. Haviland celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014, and in 2012 became a 100% employee-owned company.
Our 220+ employee-owners take pride in the products they make, and in the company they have helped grow. In 2014, Haviland was named one of Principal’s 10 Best Companies in the U.S. based on employee welfare, benefits and retirement opportunities.

Salt Support is available through a network of national distributors and sold exclusively at professional pool and spa retailers throughout the United States.
Salt Support and Haviland Pool & Spa products are not available for sale directly to the homeowner. Please contact us if a product is not available through a pool and spa professional in your area.