Salt Support Care Guide

Salt Generator Pools, or Salt Pools differ only slightly from the maintenance of traditional chlorine pools. The salt generator replaces the primary demand for chlorine, but water balance, filtration, oxidation and water clarity are issues that require some care from the pool owner. Here are some basic steps you can take.

1. Vacuum your pool floor and clean your pool walls regularly. If allowed to go unchecked, even small amounts of biological growth can overwhelm the chlorine designed to prevent it.

2. Maintain the performance of your filter. Backwash as required.

3. Water balance. Check and adjust pH and alkalinity. Salt pool pH is especially prone to volatility.

4. A metal sequestering agent such as METAL MIRACLE can be added in small, frequent doses to avoid costly staining.

5. WEEKLY BOOST added to your will help prevent the formation of combined chlorine, reduce red eyes, odors and skin irritation. WEEKLY BOOST will aid in the effectiveness of your chlorine generator.

6.WEEKLY CLEAN additions will keep your pool sparkling clean and inviting.

7. CELL CLEANER, used as needed will help remove deposits that will naturally build up on your chlorine salt cell. Regular cleanings will greatly extend the life of your salt cell.

8. Use the Salt Support 3-Step Program to take you salt pool to the next level of quality, cleanliness and longevity.

9. One you begin the Salt Support 3-Step Program, you’ll want to maintain that water quality all year long. Add KICK START to make your pool water silky smooth and sparkling.


Step 1. START

Add START at beginning of pool season. Apply 25 lbs for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Initial dosage typically lasts all summer season. Add KICK START mid season to regain freshness due to excess bather use or drag-out. Your Salt Support dealer can test for START levels.


Add 1 lb. of WEEKLY BOOST for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Apply weekly.


Add 4 liquid oz. of WEEKLY CLEAN for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Apply weekly.